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COVID-19 Updates

The Yard Outfitters family has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it continues to evolve. You can rest assured the service and quality you are used to from Yard Outfitters will not waver. As per recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada, we will be practicing social distancing at both locations, as well as offering contactless delivery, pickup and payment options. Please respect  the measures we have put in place. We thank you for your continued support.

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Delivery Quotations

When submitting a quotation request through our website, please include your civic address so that we can provide an accurate delivery price. There is a calculator on the website to help you determine quantities. Thank you!

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Buy 4 yd3 of Mulch and get Free Delivery

Buy 4 cubic yards of mulch and receive free delivery in Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe!

*offer not applicable for any other products

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Buy a Truck Load of Lawn Topsoil & Get FREE Delivery in the Greater Moncton Area

Buy a truck load of lawn topsoil (16 yd3) for $375.00 (+tax) per load and receive free delivery in Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe!

*promotional price not applicable to other products/soils

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We've Got You Covered


Blown mulch is more evenly distributed than traditional methods. The blown mulch can be applied much faster than by hand. There will be no messy piles of mulch in your yard to clean up.Your existing landscaping will not be disturbed

Yard Outfitters offers delivery for any of our listed products.
We also provide FREE delivery for mulch within the Greater Moncton Area when you order 4 or more yards.

*Offer applicable to mulch products only


For other quantities or products, please submit a request through the website.

When you purchase any product that we offer, we will be happy to load your truck or trailer, no appointments necessary.



Inquiries, Orders & Quotes:

Please complete the form below. If you looking for a quote on delivery, please provide your civic address.


2238 Irishtown Road

Moncton (Irishtown) NB

E1A 2L2

1212 Berry Mills Road

Moncton NB

E1E 0A2

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