All products aside from sod, Laverty Rock & flagstone available at Irishtown location. * Denotes products also available at Berry Mills location.



lawn topsoil.JPG

Lawn topsoil*

$26.50/cubic yard

  • All-purpose lawn soil

  • Screened, ready to use

  • Compost added

triple blend soil without perlite.JPG

Triple Blend Mix*

$48.00/cubic yard

  • Top grade of screened garden soil

  • Great for both vegetable and flower gardens

  • Beautiful, light-weight soil

  • Easy to work with

  • Mix includes organic, nutritive products including seafood compost

premium planting mix.JPG

Lawn Top Dressing - currently unavailable

$44.00/cubic yard

  • To be used in a light layer over existing lawn

  • Adds nutrients

  • Excellent medium for lawn over seeding

  • When unavailable, triple blend soil makes a great alternative

premium planting mix.JPG

Premium Planting Mix*

$39.00/cubic yard

  • Great organic soil for all-purpose planting

  • Easy to work with

  • Super growing material with organic matter added

peat moss (2).JPG

Peat Moss

$25.00/cubic yard

  • 100% Canadian sphagnum peat moss

  • Soil conditioner

  • Increases soil’s capacity to retain moisture and nutrients

premium planting mix.JPG

Premium Topsoil

$33.00/cubic yard

  • The best soil for building a new lawn

  • Greater amount of organic matter than our regular lawn topsoil



black cedar mulch.JPG

Midnight Black Cedar*

$52.50/cubic yard *SOLD OUT

  • Our flagship mulch product

  • Gives striking contrast to flowering plants

  • Provides moisture and weed control

  • Longest lasting mulch, stays black

  • Sweet cedar aroma

  • Helps to deter ants in flower beds

  • Easy to apply and maintain

red cedar mulch 2021

Red Cedar

$52.50/cubic yard

  • Bright addition to your property

  • Long lasting with sweet cedar aroma

  • Helps to deter ants

  • Easy to apply and maintain

natural cedar mulch.JPG

Natural Cedar

$39.00/cubic yard

  • Natural color

  • Provides moisture and weed control

  • Longest lasting

  • Sweet cedar aroma

  • Helps to deter problem ants in flower beds

  • Easy to apply and maintain


Cedar Playground Chips

$39.00/cubic yard

  • Safe alternative to gravel for play areas and daycares

  • All-natural

natural hemlock mulch.JPG

Natural Hemlock

$46.50/cubic yard

  • Natural colour

  • Easy to work with 

  • Improves soil quality over time

black spruce mulch.JPG

Black Spruce

$46.50/cubic yard

  • Retains moisture

  • Nice contrast in flowering beds

  • Long lasting

natural spruce mulch

Natural Spruce

$37.00/cubic yard

  • Aged, darkened mulch

  • Gives a natural look

  • Retains moisture

mocha brown hemlock mulch.JPG

Mocha Brown Hemlock

$51.00/cubic yard *SOLD OUT

  • Medium brown with a reddish hue

  • Great, long lasting mulch

  • Easy to work with

  • Retains moisture and helps control weeds

espresso pine mulch.JPG

Espresso Hemlock*

$51.00/cubic yard

  • Dark coffee brown colour

  • Easy to work with, long-lasting

  • Aesthetically pleasing alternative to black mulch 


Natural Cedar Chips

$39.00/cubic yard

  • All-natural virgin wood product

  • Easy to apply and maintain



1 cubic yard of any stone product weighs in excess of 1 tonne


0-1/4" Grey Tailings*

$34.50/cubic yard

  • Small stone that compacts

  • Great on walkways

  • Used under paving stones over the base layer of crushed stone

1-4 to 3-4 grey crushed stone.JPG

1/4-3/4" Grey Stone*

$35.00/cubic yard

  • Used for draining ground water

  • For use around drain tile pipe


1/2" Blue Stone Chips

$65.00/cubic yard

  • Attractive colour stone

  • Can be used for drainage or decorative purposes


Playground Gravel*

$56.00/cubic yard

  • Approved for play areas of registered daycares

  • Nice smooth stone for decorative stone pathways and around pools

  • Approx. 3/8"


Small River Rock*

$99.00/cubic yard

  • Can be used as an alternative to mulch

  • 0.5"-2" (size varies)

  • Works well in drainage ditches

  • Very dense rock (1 yd 3 weighs 1.5 tonnes)


Small Laverty Rock

$73.00/cubic yard *SOLD OUT

  • 1" (size varies)

  • Use as decoration in planters, flower beds and around pools

  • Alternative to river rock

  • At Berry Mills yard only


Bank Sand

$30.00/cubic yard *SOLD OUT

  • General purpose sand with some small stones

0 to 3-4 grey crushed stone.JPG

0-3/4" Grey Stone*

$34.50/cubic yard

  • Crushed stone used on driveways

  • Easy to shovel

  • Compacts

  • Base layer used under tailings for paving stones


0-3/4" Blue Stone

$62.00/cubic yard

  • Excellent compaction stone

  • Beautiful blue colour

  • Perfect for a driveway or walkway


1-4" Blue Stone*

$71.00/cubic yard

  • Good for drainage and behind retaining walls

  • Lovely colour for decorative purposes on your property


Small Playground Gravel

$55.50/cubic yard

  • Fine stone with no sharp edges

  • Decorative look that matches our river rock

  • Approx.1/16"-1/8"


Large River Rock

$101.00/cubic yard

  • Attractive rock for drainage ditches

  • 1"-8" (size varies, average=4")

  • No sharp edges

  • Very dense rock (1 yd 3 weighs 1.5 tonnes)


Regular Laverty Rock

$73.00/cubic yard

  • 1.5"-2.5" (size varies)

  • Use as decoration in planters, flower beds and around pools

  • Alternative to river rock

  • At Berry Mills yard only


Screened Sand

$40.00/cubic yard

  • Find screened sand 

  • Great for children's sand boxes

  • For use under swimming pool liners



composted manure.JPG

Composted Manure

$29.50/cubic yard

  • Aged composted horse manure

  • Valuable source of organic matter that supplies nutrients and micronutrients 

seafood compost.JPG

Seafood Compost

$48.00/cubic yard

  • Odourless compost for all your gardening needs

  • Certified organic

black earth.JPG

Black Earth Compost

$37.00/cubic yard

  • Used as a soil additive

  • For flowers, vegetables or shrub beds




grass seed
  • Premium Mixture (favourite of local landscapers)

    • 55lb $115.00

    • 25lb $63.00

    • 10lb $27.00

    • 2kg  $14.50

    • 1kg  $8.50

  • Thicker Lawn Mixture

    • 10lb $21.00

  • Deluxe Sun & Shade Mixture 

    • 10lb $34.00

  • Deluxe Overseeding Mixture​

    • 10lb​ $34.00

  • Dry Times Mixture​

    • 25lb $64.00

    • 10lb​ $28.00

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Mosher Pelletized Gypsum

$5.50/11 kg

  • Contains sulfur and calcium - essential nutrients for healthy soil

  • Helps aerate, loosen and provide drainage to clay or compacted soil

  • Helps repair winter salt damage and year-round pet burns on your lawn

  • Enhances soil without changing pH levels

cavendish starter fertilizer

Cavendish Starter Fertilizer

$25.00/25 kg

  • 10-20-20

  • For new lawns

cavendish summer maintenance fertilizer.

Cavendish Summer Maintenance Fertilizer

$10.75/7 kg *SOLD OUT

  • 24-3-6

  • All-purpose lawn fertilizer


Mosher Pelletized Lime

$5.50/15 kg

  • Provides 30 percent better coverage than powdered limestone

  • Reacts in the soil more quickly than powdered lime and is easier to spread 

  • Will not burn lawn so can be applied at any time

  • Best to make two applications (the second perpendicular to the first)

cavendish established lawn fertilizer

Cavendish Maintenance Fertilizer

$24.00/25 kg

  • 21-7-7

  • For established lawns during spring and summer months


Scotts® Turf Builder® Starter®

$12.00/1.4 kg & $23.00/4.7 kg

  • Lawn Food For New Grass 24-25-4

  • Quickly nurture a newly seeded or sodded lawn

  • High phosphorus content promotes the strong root system needed for a thick and healthy established lawn

  • This product can also be used for over-seeding existing lawns



Will be available at Berry Mills location only


Full Pallet

$235/450 sq. ft. (90 pieces)

  • Contact us through website to pre-order

  • $20 refundable pallet fee applicable for all full pallet orders


Individual Piece

$3.00/5 sq. ft.

  • Contact us through website to reserve

  • Each piece is approx. 16" x 48"